What it does

School administrators bear much more sophisticated responsibilities than they did just a few years ago. Increasing accountability for outcomes, tightening budgets, and complex workforce requirements mean that pencil-and-paper management will no longer suffice.

Your district can make quick work of funding applications and documentation for programs like Race to the Top with Infor Public Sector solutions for education. You'll also be able to keep a close eye on the issues that make the biggest difference in controlling costs, managing facilities, and delivering first-rate educational outcomes.

What it is

Infor Public Sector offers of the most advanced solutions available for today's K-12 educational institutions. Our solutions are currently in over 40+ K-12 organizations. The suite includes:

  • Infor EAM. Simplify the most complex asset management scenarios and monitor energy usage with the most flexible, powerful solution available for managing custody and maintenance of physical assets such as buildings, vehicles, heating plants, instructional equipment, computers, and even desks and chairs.
  • Infor Human Resource Management. For a workforce with complex rules such labor union contracts or civil service regulations, no other solution can match Infor Human Resource Management for tracking time, qualifications, seniority, and other critical data.
  • Infor Lawson Strategic Sourcing. Streamline your procurement and acquisition process, while reducing costs and keeping better overall accountability.
  • Infor ION Business Analytics. Keep track of key performance indicators, build dashboards, and share them easily with everyone in the organization who is expected to contribute to great results.

What it means

Streamline and simplify the task of managing the myriad details of educational leadership while helping keep costs under control and delivering excellent educational outcomes with Infor Public Sector solutions. Drawn on decades of public sector experience, Infor solutions can help your  school district meet the challenges you face every day, including:

  • Human resource management
  • Race to the Top program documentation
  • Plant and equipment maintenance and custody
  • Financial management
  • Outcome accountability

Deliver top-quality educational outcomes by measuring and managing your results, so that you can do more with less and get great results with Infor Public Sector solutions.

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