With industry-specific capabilities built right into the solution, Infor Food & Beverage gives you the tools to conquer your business’s biggest challenges. For many food and beverage companies, these include continual changes to demand, ingredient availability, consumer tastes and trends, and regulations.

In order to overcome all the obstacles while also remaining profitable, a company needs to be fast and nimble. Infor Food & Beverage will allow you to operate at peak efficiency while addressing specific industry concerns:

Manage highly variable demand and availability. Optimize manufacturing and distribution by predicting demand with more certainty using daily and seasonal forecasting, replenishment planning, inventory optimization, and promotional planning. Bring pinpoint accuracy to your demand plans with Infor Food & Beverage’s advanced statistical capabilities, combined with market knowledge gained from internal and external collaboration. Research shows that most companies can meet customer service level agreements with 10% less finished goods inventory when using inventory optimization strategies.

Optimize your supply chain around industry- unique variables. Manage all of your capacity and supply chain constraints, such as shelf-life limitations, contamination risks, and managing multiple plants and distribution centers. Maximize tank utilization by intelligently sequencing lines, taking into account elements such as tank capacity, clean-in-process, and flavor contamination. Companies that use Infor Food & Beverage commonly increase throughput 10% to 40%, while reducing compliance risk.

Maintain formula flexibility and meet regulatory compliance. Develop new or revised recipes quickly and collaboratively, reduce the costs for new product introductions, and decrease product time to market by 50% or more. Reduce the risk of ingredient contaminations and meet quality and compliance mandates, including label production. Use alerting and rapid escalation technologies for early and quick detection of problems, and perform lot/sub-lot track and trace throughout the supply chain for quick recall identification.

With Infor Food & Beverage, you can respond quickly and profitably to disruptive events in your supply chain, minimize food safety risks and the rising costs of compliance, and make the most of your precious production resources. As a result of the greater control and agility over your operations, you’ll boost profitability. As you change faster than your competition, you’ll find yourself in a position to capitalize on new market opportunities. 


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