Megadata Industrial Manufacturing delivers the tools required to grow top-line sales, increase profitability, and be fast and nimble.

Customer Management. Manufacturers require a 360° view of customers to manage the entire sales process, from customer lead origination and sales opportunity tracking through converting prospects to customers and placing orders. Infor delivers productivity gains by streamlining processes, decreasing the cost of sales and cost to serve, and ultimately, increasing revenue.

Sales and Order Management. Manufacturing customers are more sophisticated, have more information, and more options than ever. You have to provide quick, accurate quotes with product configurations and delivery options to win new and keep existing customers. Infor delivers customer satisfaction by supporting accurate order fulfillment and optimal order-cash cycle times.

Planning and Scheduling. Reaching manufacturing goals requires forecasting customer demand and synchronizing the flow of material and capacity in order to meet due dates. Infor provides seamless advanced planning and scheduling capabilities to increase on-time performance and throughput while reducing inventory and operating costs.

Supply Chain Management. Get a holistic, global view of capacity and demand with out-of-the-box solution capabilities.Improve system flexibility and agility so you can react to changing requirements, move operations to new countries, run with less cost and waste overall, and be positioned to take on new business more quickly, and with greater confidence.

Financial Management. Manufacturers today require everything from a single general ledger to multi-national and global operations, as well as visibility into the financial state of operations. Infor delivers the accounting solutions you require to meet the regulations of today and tomorrow.


Product Lifecycle Management. New product introductions are critical. Equally important is managing and understanding how product changes impact cost, inventory, production schedules, cycle time, and quality across disciplines, partners, and product lifecycle. Implement new products and engineering changes on time while maintaining high service levels in the areas of quality and delivery. Plus, better manage part obsolescence.

Asset Management. Keep your company's equipment, facilities, and assets in tip-top shape to maximize profits. Cut purchasing costs, inventory levels, and energy costs,all while helping your workers and operations attain higher productivity. Understand your total cost of operation, energy, and maintenance with the only enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that combines acquisition, installation, maintenance, and energy costs.

Service Management. Increase profits and improve customer loyalty with intelligent scheduling and dispatching tools that lead to higher resolution rates and shorter order-to-cash cycles. A streamlined service process delivers error-free responses to customer inquiries and quick completion of work orders.


Related Product

POWER PLUS is one of product from Lensa Software. This product can be direct used so it doesn’t take time to implementation. If they want modification, this product can be developed, as they required. This application used Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL for database.

Infor Syteline 
Infor SyteLine helps manufacturers and distributors of all types to improve productivity and respond faster to change. From selling and sourcing to production and fulfillment, this robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides organization-wide visibility.

Infor Expense Management System 
Infor™ Expense Management is more than just an endto-end travel expense management solution. Employees can plan and expense business travel; request and approve payment requests; capture time for charging to projects and cost centers; and calculate paid time off and overtime. These integrated applications share a single, intuitive interface, making them easy to learn, use, and maintain.

Infor d/EPM 
Infor d/EPM layers world-class business intelligence, financial consolidations, and business performance management capabilities onto Infor’s 10x technology platform to deliver simplified integration, beautiful design, and in-context business intelligence.

Infor EAM 
Infor EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. It gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives.

Proactis Spend Control & eProcurement 
Spend Control is the term we use for the process techniques used to identify, capture and control spend in a transparent manner. It consists of a wide range of inter-related activities, from procurement functions such assupplier management, sourcing, and contract management; to daily purchase-to-pay activities such as purchase requests, authorisation, order placement, invoice receipt and processing, and payment authorisation. eProcurement is the term we use for the solutions that support the above activities. We deliver a comprehensive range of modular, integrated solutions to help you streamline and standardise every aspect of Spend Control.

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