System Overview

  • The mainstay of this application will be integration of the following unique i-Plantation functions
  • Exceptional reporting for efficient and effective control measures
  • Built in user friendly controls to guide accurate input of operational data
  • Approval of all costing and pricing within estates for better operational control
  • Automatic notification system via email, short Messaging Systems (SMS) and Instant Messaging (IM) for speedier information flow and quicker feedback (optional).
  • Collation of revenue and cost data relative to every operational activity for more efficient management.
  • Integration of multiple databases enables users from different business functions the ability to retrieve, view, and renew data with a single update. Access to data is controlled by system authorization




      Distinctive Data Validation Used

i-Plantation has distinctive data validation rules that prevents users from entering inaccurate data or unacceptable data types. A unique feature of this system is that users can define transaction parameters attuned to current business requirements via the Master Setting option.

Secured Access Control

i-Plantation requires user login and password authentication. Access to the system is given based on login ID and password. This feature ensures that the system’s integrity is maintained at all times.

Business Decisions Made Easy

i-Plantation provides up-to-date information real-time. This information can be used to make detailed yield and cost projections easily. Integration with other Microsoft software allows reports to be generated and presented at management convenience.

Continuous Support

With RCBN you can rely on well qualified and experienced team to always be supportive of your system requirements. At every stage of the project we are there to provide user training, customization and system maintenance.

Complete Management Solution

i-Plantation is the only web based fully integrated solution for Palm Oil Operation and Management. Using the latest well-tested technologies we have developed a system that analyses present plantation operations and involved costs to provide management with ways to improve production to maximize yield and control plantation expenditure.

Well Informed Business Decisions

i-Plantation provides real-time information from any geographical location. With multiple databases well integrated within the system, accurate and precise data is easily available. Management can access the relevant information needed to make well informed decisions

High Usability

i-Plantation is designed to be very user-friendly. The system’s menu driven interface and single-click options allow users to access data and generate various management reports on demand. Another unique feature is that users are able to select their own language preference when accessing the system.

Efficient Remuneration Management

i-Plantation provides easier management of payroll and checkroll. Managers can select the options of monthly, daily or even hourly pay. Functions such as overtime, deductions and employee benefits are easily managed.

Multi-Estate Management Reporting

i-Plantation integrates the information of multiple dispersed estates within a single system. Various databases are combined in a seamless manner to provide data integrity, accuracy of information in any presentation they wish without ever having to know the complexity of the system

Secured Multi Access from Any Location

i-Plantation, as any other RCBN system provides user access via login and password. Upon login the user or manager is able to access any report or information that he is authorized to gain access into. i-Plantation being a web-based system allows easy realtime access from any geographical location.

Continuous Guidance and Support

At RCBN, we have a qualified and very experienced team that can provide you all the necessary support and guidance that you would require from requirement analysis to system maintenance phase. As i-Plantation is inbuilt with unique user friendly features, managers can easily use it with minimal or no training at all.

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