IT department and the executive board often have clashes in some opinions about running the company’s operations, such as in the decision to upgrade ERP system. Presenting ERP system upgrade plan to the executive board often ends up in failure, because company board usually thinks about profits and losses first instead of technical requirements in the system. If you want to have successful case presentation, know how to talk with the board members.

ERP Upgrade Presentation with Business-Related Language

One mistake IT department often makes in presenting ERP upgrade case is using too many technical words. While it is important explain what you mean when proposing for system upgrade, that is not exactly business-related language. The executive board needs to hear the actual benefits of such expenses in language they understand, such as using cash flow and ROI illustration.

According to Mitch Pisik, the CEO of Breckwell Products, CEOs and board members want to hear more about things like improved margins, profit illustration, better operational efficiency, and such. If you are able to present your case this way, the higher-ups will find your presentation more persuading.

Real-Life Cases for ERP Upgrade Presentation

Another compelling method to present ERP upgrade case to the higher-ups is by presenting real-life cases to back up the presentation. If the goal of upgrade plan is increasing efficiency in the operations, you must collect information from business department managers about how inefficient system reduces their ability to finish the job and serve customers efficiently. You must work together with business department managers for ERP upgrade presentation by getting the actual data for analysis and presentation.

In short, when presenting a case to improve ERP system, you need to focus on how the improvement will improve the business and reduce inefficiencies, which will result to better investment and extra income for the company in the future.


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