Customer relationship management (CRM) is a feature within Infor SyteLine and a valuable tool for manufacturers and distributors. It has the ability to manage your customer relationships and company sales, as well as manage every possible aspect of the manufacturing and distribution process.

Infor Syteline is indeed a important and valuable tool, as it helps to manage every aspects of the manufacturing and distribution process and yet it helps you to manage company to customer relationship and company’s sales. We discussed this previously in our blog. So, make sure to check it out.

These are some benefits of Infor SyteLine’s CRM feature:

  • Create sales forecasts and add opportunities to forecasts
  • Track all elements of a sales or marketing campaign
  • Assist possible customers and existing customers from initial interest to order placement
  • Maintain basic information of your sales contacts
  • Helping to make possible customers to valuable customers
  • Create and manage sales teams for customers, prospects, and opportunities

Infor SyteLine’s CRM feature will integrate your front office and back office systems, it helps you to boost your company’s productivity by streamlining sales and customer service processes, decreasing cost of sales and serving cost and lastly increasing your revenue.

Start satisfying your customer by improving your customer relationship and sales of your company soon! Feel free to contact us to chat and discuss your needs, and you will be amazed with Infor SyteLine affecting your company’s benefits.


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