Sometimes, a company just needs to step up and buy the new ERP system from a vendor, to make sure the business runs smoothly. However, choosing the best system is not the same decision for all companies. This company may need a total system migration, while that company may only need upgrading to better version of the current system. How to know you make the right decision for your ERP system purchase?

Expert’s Recommendation: Questions before Buying ERP System

If you are still undecided, make sure you ask yourself the right questions, and evaluate your purchase plan. Frank Scavo (Constellation Research) tells the most useful questions to ask before buying ERP software or upgrade:

  • Do you start from scratch or not? Companies who start their system upgrade plan from scratch usually have better options when it comes to improving their system. They do not have to do lots of system integration and adjustment, and they can even choose to start directly from the newest version of the system.
  • Does your current vendor have good offers? In order to keep the customers, a system vendor often will give good options to improve the current system without having to buy ERP system software. 
  • Do you actually need to migrate, or the old system still can support the basic activities? An old system is sometimes better for a company than buying the new one, especially since it still gives reliability in the operation and does not burden the company with high cost. However, if your system is already 30 years old, for example, it is definitely a time to change.
  • Can the new vendor support your business’ niche? Depending on what kind of business you run, certain systems are probably the best options compared to others because of your niche.

Making decision to do ERP system migration is huge, so make sure you decide well before actually doing the drastic step.


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