The need of sending gifts to our loved one from online shops every Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and so on, has become popular. But around those times of the year, the delivery process become very busy and usually the free shipping begin package arrives a little bit too late 2-3 days after the day of the celebration. Well even though, it is still acceptable and the one that will receive the gifts understand about the lateness but of course we expect it will arrive on time.

The two top reasons why the delivery is fail to be on time, according to a survey any group of small to medium manufacturers, are as follow: receipt of raw materials are past due and dependency on subcontractors (let down by suppliers).

On-time delivery can be the difference between maintaining a customer or not, though you gave a customer free shipping option or discounted price they might be too tired with late deliveries. Adopting Customer and Vendor Portals may be a great way to connect on a mobile device or computer and share information that will increase visibility and create an efficient process from supplier to customer. These portals are easy to manage and customize moreover it allows customers to review their orders, invoices, verify billing/shipping information, and take credit card payments. This will help customer to view information about their order/shipping thus reducing strain on the customer service department.

These portals are one of Infor SyteLine ERP products that give the vendor access to current inventory levels of raw materials and check current materials needed for future orders, thus eliminating the guesswork of supply and demand within the process. It also gives you the ability to customize the portals or use pre-defined fields that will convey the most important information to the customer and vendor. Lastly, you can use Infor SyteLIne ERP to import your logo, color scheme, pictures, and text to create the message you want to send.

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