A manufacturing company requires constant system maintenance and regular update, and various IT projects require lots of attention and budget. IT departments need to make sure that their projects are able to stay under the budget, and working effectively to bring benefits to the company. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) proves to be one of the best tools to use to keep the projects on-check.


PPM as Tool to Make IT Projects Efficient and Effective

Applying certain IT projects to improve the operation of a manufacturing company presents challenges since the proposal presentation. Manufacturing IT projects need to be kept under the budget, but able to bring benefits that improve the company’s performances and bring benefits in the long term. Using the right tool is not only supporting these activities, but also making progress tracking and reporting easier.

IT department needs to show to upper management how and why certain projects will bring benefits to the company, and even help tremendously with the operation. The IT department needs to show the progress data and analytical information to the upper management. PPM is a tool to show all the data and information the easy way. Besides showing the illustration, PPM also creates reports that can be integrated easily with the electronic dashboard.

Why PPM Important for IT Projects

PPM supports efficient manufacturing IT projects by creating information about progress that can be tracked visually and easily. The information appears in several forms such as summary, graphs and charts, and they can also be fed into the electronic dashboard. Besides tracking the progress, the information can also show risks and challenges faced along the way, and how those can be solved.

Using PPM, IT department can have clear set of data that tracks their IT projects, which makes it easier to track progress, identify challenges, and illustrate the best and most efficient ways to reach the goal of IT projects as well as reporting the result to higher management.


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