Upgrading the system is important for company’s operations; ERP upgrade must be done within certain periods to make sure the company runs all its operations smoothly. Since upgrade means huge expenses and a lot of adjustment, it must be done at the right time. IT department must know right time to upgrade ERP system, so they can propose to the higher-ups immediately and make the necessary change.

When to Do ERP Upgrade?

There are many situations in which the company’s operations clearly need system upgrade. Here are signs to upgrade ERP system IT department must be aware of:

  • The system integration for operations is complicated. New system enables each business department to operate and adjust continuously without complicated coding and adjustment steps, thanks to internally developed software. If your system requires complicated steps, coding and adjustment, make sure to evaluate the need for system upgrade.
  • No employees, customers and partners use the old system anymore. Partners and customers only want the best service and tools to support their activities, so if they can avoid old and inefficient system, they will immediately do that.
  • The system does not have new or modern features common among companies. Features that support the new market trend such as 24/7 online support or social media integration must be available if a company wants to keep up with the current market trend. If the current system does not have those, make sure to upgrade the system.
  • The system is older than 5 years. There are many changes that happen in 5 years of operations, so if the ERP system does not show exceptional signs, 5 years is a good period to do regular improvement.

In the end, remember that ERP upgrade is actually an important part in modern business world, so basically, system upgrade should no longer be a question from time to time when evaluating the company’s performance.




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