Presenting the plan for ERP upgrade to upper management is always difficult, especially if the upgrade costs the company huge money. While ERP is something required for modern business, it is not always easy to propose for such project, which is a classic problem that makes the executives and IT department often clash. Making a good case presentation is the key of successful plan for future system upgrade.

Important Points to Make in ERP Upgrade Presentation

Presenting a case for ERP upgrade needs certain tact, such as delivering the right messages to upper management and giving what the board members want to hear. Common mistake IT department representative often makes when presenting the case is using too many technical jargons, and not showing the actual benefits the company may get in the future. The board members do not like seeing high amount of money being spent without clear cash flow and ROI illustration in the plan.

There are some key points you need to make if you want to present a good case of ERP upgrade. For example, always put emphasis on the big picture of future development and benefits the company will get. This is the point that answers all the upper management’s worries about expenses, especially since upgrade often costs lots of money. Also, do not forget to use real life examples in ERP upgrade presentation, such as current flaws and impediments the company faces because of old-fashioned system.

Finally, IT department representative should use the same language with upper management. Do not be too focused on highly technical details, and use “business language” such as cash flow, possible income, and illustrations of how upgrade can improve efficiency in each department.

How to Present ERP Upgrade Case

So, how to present ERP case that makes upper management listens?  Experts such as Paul Sita from Innovative IT Consulting and John Hoebler from MorganFranklin have good suggestions in how to do successful ERP case presentation:

  • Present real life illustrations that require ERP upgrade to improve, and how the improvement can make difference in the long run. Use business language such as cash flow, profit illustration, and cost cutting percentage.
  • Use illustrations of problems faced by different departments in the company when ERP upgrade does not exist. You can cooperate with managers of different departments to present current problems in their daily activities, and how the new system can help in reducing the problems.
  • Show what risks the company will face if the improvement is not made. Again, use illustrations based on daily problems the company face, and show how the upgrade can solve the problem.
  • Show how much efficiency the company can get from upgrading the system. This can be consideration for future system development, especially if there are possibilities for long term benefits from efficiency.

Upgrading the ERP system is a big decision for upper management to make, so make sure you show them what they can get and how the company can benefit from such improvement when it is done.

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