Presenting a huge plan to higher-ups is always daunting, especially if it is a high cost proposal such as ERP system upgrade plan. However, IT department representative often finds his or her proposal being rejected by higher management, despite the fact that it is important to support the business. This may be because the proposal is not delivered in the best way possible. Knowing how to present the case will help IT department in getting their proposal heard and considered.

ERP System Upgrade Case Presentation Tips

Paul Sita from Innovative IT Consulting suggests that IT department explains the proposal for ERP system upgrade as a part of bigger picture to improve the company’s efficiency and income in the future. Also, pointing out the real problems, flaws and gaps the company system faces is a great way to get listened by the higher management, as long as you also present risk management steps that your proposal can give.

Here are useful tips to present your case for upgrade:

  • Point out actual problems in the system that can use improvement, and show how the proposed ERP system upgrade can fix them. Make sure to tell that current flaws or gaps in the system can prove fatal for the business.
  • Show the big picture. Make sure the ERP system upgrade presentation focuses on the business aspect by showing how it helps the company reaching its objectives better.
  • Present technical analysis results from different departments about current problems, and how the system upgrade can solve them. Work together with department managers to help with the data.
  • Show how ERP upgrade can improve Business Intelligence (BI) aspects in the company. For example, show how the upgrade will make decision making process faster yet more efficient.

By translating the technical jargons into talks about business benefits, IT department will get higher possibility of success with ERP system upgrade presentation.


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