Expense Management System

Infor Expense Management

Travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management doesn’t need to be so difficult anymore. Infor Expense Management now brings you the most innovative and comprehensive solution available for cutting T&E costs while making it easier for travelers to file accurate, timely expense reports.

Infor Expense Management helps you reduce wasteful spending by tracking hidden costs, reducing the time and effort you spend accounting for expenses and payments, and preventing outright fraud.

Infor™ Expense Management is more than just an endto-end travel expense management solution. Employees can plan and expense business travel; request and approve payment requests; capture time for charging to projects and cost centers; and calculate paid time off and overtime. These integrated applications share a single, intuitive interface, making them easy to learn, use, and maintain.

Infor Expense Management helps you:

  • Improve employee compliance
  • Increase savings
  • Reduce unnecessary travel
  • Speed document processing
  • Increase time billing accuracy
  • Reclaim more foreign taxes