Human Resources Information System

PowerPlus - Human Resources Information System

POWER PLUS is one of product from Lensa Software. This product can be direct used so it doesn’t take time to implementation. If they want modification, this product can be developed, as they required. This application used Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL for database.

Power Plus Standard Application can help the company to make employee data such as personal data, working history, including their ability. This application can be integrated with another application, such as Microsoft Excel to calculate Incidental allowance, bonus, and Increasing level of salary so it doesn’t a problem anymore for company who have their own calculation or for allowance and deduction calculation that often change.

Product Ability

  • Manage employee data and salary component
  • Handle employee attendance such as: Sick, leave, Overtime, Permit, Inattentive.
  • Manage schedule shift for a group, start from valid dated until placement for the employee each group.
  • Pooling data absent from all type Attendance Machine, like Finger Scan, Barcode, Magnetic and another Digital Attendance Machine.
  • Write down leave data for each employee, start from leave allocation, and leave residue such as yearly leave or extra leave that given to the employee base on their working period.
  • Write down employee data and employee working history, start from education, ability, language, Annual leave history, Claim coverage history, training, Reward & Warning, Award, and another employee data for each employee.
  • Tax calculation can be determining each component by user so they can group the Gross component or Net component.
  • Display tax calculation for expatriate.
  • Display Claim data for each employee, start from claim allocation, taking claim until Claim residue. Type of Claim: Medical, dental, glasses, hospital, and maternity.
  • Manage employee payroll such as allowance, deduction, bonus, and THR.
  • Manage loan and loan history.
  • Salary will be transfer with BCA format, Lippo Bank, and another bank so can reduce wrong entry.
  • Manage Applicant data to make Employee Recruitment more easier
  • Manage training plan and data process, start from Request Training until Training Realization
  • Helping Employee Promotion Process like giving them Reward, transfer, Promotion level of career, Salary increasing based on Performance Appraisal
  • Helping Payroll Process including print out Salary slip and another slip that related with employee.
  • Helping to calculate Astek, Pension, Insurance that must be to pay and also performing report with standard formatting from Jamsostek
  • Helping to calculate Jamsostek and print out form 1a, form 1C, form 2, and DUMTK report.
  • Helping to calculate PPH 21 and print out SPT 1721, 1721A, 1721b, 1721A1