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Spend Control and eProcurement Solutions

PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement is a highly integrated, yet also highly modular family of solutions that help organisations to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and mitigate risk.
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How We Help

Regardless of where you stand in terms of developing your organisation’s vision for Spend Control, we can help address immediate priorities quickly and cost effectively.


We help Finance teams with their compliance, visibility and efficiency goals:
  • Prevent unnecessary, unauthorised and fraudulent purchases
  • Enable effective control of budgets
  • Maintain visibility of purchase commitments
  • Prevent payment of duplicate or incorrect invoices
  • Minimise the cost of invoice processing

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We help Procurement teams with their capacity, talent and process goals:
  • Gain a clear picture of where your organisation is spending today
  • Improve the quality of your supplier records
  • Get a handle on your existing supplier contracts
  • Help run an eSourcing event on a priority category
  • Increase spend compliance

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With PROACTIS, you can work methodically toward a broad end-to-end vision of Spend Control or start small and expand the vision as you go. We’ve seen both approaches work very well over time.

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Solution-Wide Features

The following are key elements that make PROACTIS solutions
so powerful in terms of their ability to deliver bottom-line results.
Intuitive design
Fully Electronic Processes
Fully Internationalised
Easy Access To Information
Built In Controls
Seamless Integration

Integration with Existing Business Systems

Spend Control processes do not operate in isolation – they work hand-in-hand with your core financial management systems. They may also work in conjunction with key operational systems. And increasingly, they exchange information with your suppliers and their systems as well.  
That’s why we’ve built the entire PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement suite with integration in mind. And that’s why we are as expert at integration as we are at Spend Control. PROACTIS solutions can be integrated with any type of software application you may have.

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Our Approach

As an executive, your goal is to achieve true control of spend within your
organisation – not just install software.
The PROACTIS Smart Transition approach to deploying eProcurement is much more than just a systems implementation project – it is a structured process that will enable you to establish a broad range of integrated, effective and sustained Spend Control business processes for bottom-line benefit.

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