Improve control and visibility of organisation-wide spend

PROACTIS has an integrated family of purchase-to-pay solutions that enable you to realise the full potential of your Spend Control initiative while improving productivity throughout the enterprise.

PROACTIS purchase-to-pay solutions automate and streamline the entire day-to-day buying process, from request through authorisation, ordering, invoice processing, and payment via Accounts Payable. It provides the linkages between employees, internal systems, and suppliers that leverage the agreements and contracts established by Procurement. As such it plays a crucial role in reducing the cost of purchased goods and services by providing the enterprise-wide framework to realise substantial levels of "spend under management".




Make it easy. Ensure compliance

PROACTIS makes it easy for your employees to buy what they need, while ensuring compliance with corporate policies. It replaces paper-shuffling with electronic documents and workflow to streamline the process, incorporate controls, and provide visibility of purchasing activity. It reduces the need for involvement from Procurement in routine purchases, and dramatically reduces the workload for Accounts Payable. And it gives managers much better control of their budgets by providing full visibility of both current and future purchase commitments.

PROACTIS purchase-to-pay solutions are highly configurable. A powerful authorisation and workflow engine provides the foundation to define and support diverse organisational structures, policies, and procedures. Use of standard email and office tools integrates PROACTIS purchase-to-pay applications into the office and mobile environments people already use every day. PROACTIS purchase-to-pay solutions are modular to allow deployment in any combination or sequence.

Related PROACTIS Expert Services for Purchase-to-Pay include:

  • Spend Analysis
  • Rapid Spend Review
  • Supplier On-boarding
  • Invoice Capture
  • Cloud Hosting


Hard Savings

  • Avoidance of unnecessary purchases
  • Use of negotiated supplier agreements & contracts
  • Reduced freight/ delivery costs
  • Reduced cost of PO handling
  • Reduced cost of AP
  • Reduced cost of admin support

Strategic Benefits

  • Financial control & visibility
  • Reduced risk of supplier non-performance & non-compliance
  • Data for spend analysis
  • Increased workforce morale & productivity
  • Increased organisational agility