Increase procurement capacity to create value and reduce risk

PROACTIS has a comprehensive family of integrated procurement solutions that help you reduce the cost of purchased goods and services while at the same time minimising risk, improving efficiencies, and increasing transparency.

PROACTIS procurement solutions provide a framework of sourcing, contract, catalogue, and supplier management capabilities that enable you to leverage your organisation’s full buying power, gain best value agreements, and maximise the percentage of “spend under management” across all categories of spend.


Obtain best value and control

PROACTIS procurement applications facilitate effective collaboration among departments, procurement teams, and suppliers to find the best, most cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. They help you minimise supplier-related risk and maintain strong supplier relationships by standardising your supplier selection, review, and communication processes. They also streamline many routine administrative functions and enable self-service supplier maintenance of key information. This frees up time to bring more spend categories under management, and to perform more value added activities such as research into new supply alternatives, spend analysis, supply base rationalisation, etcc.

All PROACTIS procurement applications are all built on a cloud-based framework that supports geographically dispersed procurement teams, as well as a broad range of self-service online supplier capabilities. PROACTIS procurement applications are modular to allow deployment in any combination or sequence.

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Hard Savings

  • Improve procurement to achieve value for money and realise cashable and non-cashable savings
  • Reduce the cost of purchased goods and services
  • Minimise risk, improve efficiencies and increase transparency

Strategic Benefits

  • Manage supplier relationships to reduce risk and overall spend while improving performance
  • Find and qualify the best suppliers based on price, quality and service, least risk, etcc.
  • Obtain visibility of existing contracts, monitor compliance and recognise when to renew contracts
  • Simplify the management of and internal access to supplier content
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