Supplier Commerce

Streamline supplier interaction and collaboration

The move to electronic supplier interaction and commerce is a big step forward in your overall strategy for improving Spend Control.

The good news is that suppliers are more than willing to work with you to update information, collaborate online and streamline the way they send invoices. All you need to do is make it easy for them to interact with you electronically, provide information that is valuable to them and effectively involve them in your process. PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement enables supplier interaction and commerce across the full spectrum of source-to-contract and purchase-to-pay processes.









Reduce cost and improve collaboration

PROACTIS Supplier Commerce solutions help organisations to streamline and automate all supplier interaction from supplier on-boarding to the processing of invoices:
  • The PROACTIS Supplier Network provides a cloud-based channel for all forms of electronic interaction with suppliers.  It is used by all PROACTIS applications to perform 2-way communications and transaction handling with suppliers throughout all stages of the supplier life-cycle.  
  • PROACTIS Electronic Commerce makes doing business without all that paper easy for both you and your suppliers.  Paper-based transactions are virtually eliminated, along with all the manual handling they entail.  Account information is available to suppliers 24/7.
  • PROACTIS eMarketplace helps drive increased on-contract buying by providing employees with a single online destination where they can quickly and easily find, compare and choose what they need from your preferred suppliers – all within established purchase authorization policies.    

Related PROACTIS Expert Services for Supplier Commerce include:

  • Spend Analysis
  • Rapid Spend Review
  • Supplier On-boarding
  • Invoice Capture
  • Cloud Hosting


Benefits to you as a buyer:

  • Reduced time and cost of maintaining supplier information
  • Streamlined supplier management and sourcing processes
  • Reduced cost of transaction handling
  • Increased savings from better employee purchase decisions
  • Reduced administrative cost within Procurement and AP

Benefits to your suppliers:

  • Streamlined introduction, qualification and quoting processes
  • Reduced time spent providing and responding to requests
  • Improved accuracy of information about them and their offerings
  • Reduced cost of transactions and associated delays
  • 24/7 visibility of invoice and payment status