What Is Sharperlight?

In the modern company data needs to be accessed from the whole organization using a common interface from each application in real time, covering consolidation, integration and analytics and Sharperlight is all of these.Sharperlight uses a data model to define and abstract the logical structure in a host database. The Datamodel is an intelligent connector to the application database and is used to augment and replace the often inadequate reporting and integration solutions of the host application – that is simplified intelligence.The Datamodel technology is bi-directional allowing for extraction and insertion for integration, aggregation and consolidation of datasets in a truly agile and flexible environment.

How Does The Sharperlight Datamodel Help Business?

The Datamodel takes away the underlying complexity in the database and presents the database to the user in a friendly and understandable manner. Complexity in the database can be converted to simplicity in the front end.Users can navigate through a familiar interface using Datamodel technology that can be easily extended and maintained. Data is no longer hidden or a mystery, intelligence is made simple.

How Is It Going To Change The Bi World?

Sharperlight will revolutionize the way businesses operate by providing a framework for analytical and consolidated reporting that can pulled together quickly and presented on any device.Dashboards, report packs, integration and consolidation at real time for any application in the modern business that saves significant time and money by offering a flexible and functionally rich unified data access layer across the enterprise.


Sharperlight should be the only secured, unified and multi point access to Business Intelligence within an enterprise which can support many presentation layers like QlikView® or RoamBI®, SSRS® and the internal Sharperlight Web-Channel and presentation tools.

Who Are We Targeting?

Any application database could be a Sharperlight source and a target for a Datamodel product.


Query Builder

  • Common user interface shared throughout the suite
  • Full drag and drop, simple Filter, Select and Output interface
  • Sub Query filters and output fields
  • Rich filtering and user expression language
  • Preview and Drilldown

No matter how forward thinking the Datamodel developers can are, they cannot always anticipate unique customer specific requirements. Fortunately, Datamodels are not set in stone and they can be extended at the customer site with Custom Tables and Custom Fields.

These are created and maintained from within the Query Builder but they look and behave like any other element that was provided in the underlying Datamodel.

Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Excel Add-in compatible with 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Intelligent formulas that natively bind to automatic recalculations
  • Cell formulas and Table formulas
  • Filter can use cell referencing, automatic lookup dialogs appear on referenced cells
  • Validate and secure Writeback of worksheet data
  • Query Manager for managing and re-using the same queries in a workbook
  • Drilldown and Drill Through
  • Render to the Browser

Page Based Reporting

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Sub Reports
  • Sub Queries
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Images
  • Dashboards
  • Forms such as Invoices
  • Save as HTML, PDF, Excel, Word and TIFF
  • Coding of Custom Functions C# or VB.NET


  • Common user interface for Drilldown shared throughout the suite
  • Standalone data explorer and analysis toolset, accessible from within Sharperlight XL or actioned from the desktop
  • Drilldown links delivered through the .NET Data Provider will load Explorer and allow random slice and dice analysis
  • Drilldowns can be retained and embedded in published Dashboards


  • Secure web interface for accessing and viewing published queries
  • Published content can be re-filtered and refreshed on-line
  • Drilldown and Drill Through
  • Content can be saved to CSV, HTML and Word


  • Titles, Descriptions, Versioning and History
  • Full security control on user groups that can access queries
  • Enable Caching with refresh aged by days, hours and minutes
  • Layout of the report can be extended with sub-reports to make dashboard or tabbed webpage
  • Supported output formats include Tables, Charts, Pivot Tables, RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Published content can be consumed anywhere by referencing the URL
  • Library of queries that are designed in Query Builder but can then be published to the Sharperlight Web Channel



  • Dashboards are created and maintained purely in the web browser using a HTML5 interface
  • Dashboards consist of a page which can contains multiple square tiles. The tiles can resized at will and the tile content can be sourced directly from the Sharperlight Web Service or include any other valid web address.
  • Every dashboard has a unique URL surfaced through the Sharperlight Web Service. Dashboard can be embedded into any existing browser interface that supports a URL.

Sharperlight Technology

  • Rapid Datamodel Development
  • SOA and N-tier architecture with Data Services delivered using a REST Service and .NET API’s
  • Query Builder and XML Query Language
  • Consistent User Interface (Filter, Selection and Output)
  • Sub Queries (Filter and Output)
  • Drilldown and Drill Through
  • Re-brandable
  • Windows® 7 and Windows® 8
  • 64 Bit ready


Datamodel Studio

  • The Datamodel Studio is the development environment for constructing and maintaining Datamodels.
  • The Studio is freely installed with every installation of Sharperlight and it is designed to assist first time users all the way up to technical authors.

Materialised Query

It is sometimes useful to have the ability to stage query data into a physical data set that can be summarised for performance or fixed to allow consistent reporting over time. This concept is often referred to as an Agile Data Mart.

Materialised Query is the Sharperlight terminology for this functionality and it is a standard extension of the Query Builder interface.

Write Back

Write back is the Sharperlight interface technology that writes data back to a database using Web services or API’s.

From the web data can be written back to supported systems.

From within Excel, worksheet data can be uploaded to a destination database using validation and controlled by the processes defined in the Sharperlight.

Writeback templates can be saved into the workbook and reused time and again.

Referential data as well as transactional data can be written back whilst maintaining all application controls.


Sharperlight allows permissions to be setup against companies and tables.

Every published query can be secured to user groups within Sharperlight. If a user is not within the accessible group they will not be able to see the published query in the web.