Materialised Query

It is sometimes useful to have the ability to stage query data into a physical data set that can be summarised for performance or fixed to allow consistent reporting over time. This concept is often referred to as an Agile Data Mart.

Materialised Query is the Sharperlight terminology for this functionality and it is a standard extension of the Query Builder interface.

Write Back

Write back is the Sharperlight interface technology that writes data back to a database using Web services or API’s.

From the web data can be written back to supported systems.

From within Excel, worksheet data can be uploaded to a destination database using validation and controlled by the processes defined in the Sharperlight.

Writeback templates can be saved into the workbook and reused time and again.

Referential data as well as transactional data can be written back whilst maintaining all application controls.


Sharperlight allows permissions to be setup against companies and tables.

Every published query can be secured to user groups within Sharperlight. If a user is not within the accessible group they will not be able to see the published query in the web.