Contract Management

Maintain visibility of negotiated contracts while reducing unwanted renewals

Your procurement professionals work hard to identify the best suppliers and negotiate “best value” agreements. Contracts 'lock in' those terms for use by the organisation. But those advantages are lost when contracts are not applied as purchases are made - perhaps because contracts are not available or apparent at the time of buying. And both organisations may be at risk if contracts expire or if either party fails to maintain compliance with contract provisions.

There are many challenges to bringing spend under contract: contracts are often filed in different places; distributed contract management leads to duplicate agreements; contract review dates are often missed, resulting in unexpected lapses and unwanted contract renewals; buyers have no visibility of contracts at point of purchase; and without automatic capture of actual purchase and delivery activity, it is very difficult to measure contract compliance.


PROACTIS Contract Management helps you increase the proportion of spend “under management” and “on-contract” by providing improved visibility and control of contracts throughout the contract lifecycle, and by ensuring that the organisation consistently utilises established contracts when buying goods and services.

PROACTIS Contract Management provides a central electronic repository for all types of supplier contracts, with links to the purchasing system that make them fully visible to buyers. It automatically collects purchase and delivery activity for analysis of supplier performance and buyer commitments. And it continually monitors contract dates and other criteria, alerting the appropriate people when reviews or actions are needed.

Contract Management


PROACTIS Contract Management is a platform for central management of all supplier contracts, providing clear visibility to buyers at purchase time, automatic capture of activity, and automatic reminders for key dates and events:
  • PROACTIS provides a Central Repository of all supplier contracts for the organisation, making it available across the Internet to make corporate agreements visible and accessible, even to remote locations
  • PROACTIS Scheduled Event and Timeline Monitoring helps ensure that all contracts are periodically reviewed, and that all scheduled events or milestones are addressed at the proper time
  • PROACTIS Performance Analysis helps responsible Procurement personnel monitor and analyse contract activity to ensure both supplier and organisational compliance
  • PROACTIS Purchasing Integration helps the organisation fully leverage negotiated contracts by providing full 2-way integration between the central contracts repository and the organisation's purchasing system (PROACTIS P2P or other)

PROACTIS Contract Management helps organisations realise the full benefit from supplier contracts.


Hard Savings

  • Increased savings from lower prices due to:
  • Greater on-contract spend
  • Timely re-negotiation before renewal
  • Better information for contract negotiation & consolidation
  • Reduced cost of unwanted contract renewals
  • Reduce cost of admin support in Procurement & AP

Strategic Benefits

  • Increased contract commitment visibility
  • Reduced risk on supplier non-performance with contract provisions
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