Improve control and visibility of organisation-wide spend

Procurement software manages the entire purchasing process within a supply chain and is a critical element of supply chain management systems. Designed to help organisations improve their operational and financial performance by improving the way they buy all types of goods and services.

Proactise eProcurement solutions enable you to control the entire purchasing process, from the initial requisition through to payment for goods/services received. Employees throughout the organisation will readily embrace it as the easiest way to buy the goods and services they need while following established policies, procedures and automatically working within budget.

PROACTIS is much more than a just a software product. PROACTIS is a tool executives can use to dramatically improve the way their entire organisation operates by instituting proven best practices, streamlining business processes, and improving operational controls. For instance, it helps:

Employees: It enables a cultural change that allows employees across the organisation to buy the goods and services they need on a routine basis without the need for professional buyers, but always within proper organisational policies and procedures

Managers: It provides functional managers at all levels of the organisation with the ability to make better decisions because they have immediate access to information related to purchase requests, budgets, and the entire cost pipeline

Accounts Payable: It dramatically streamlines the Accounts Payable function while providing better control of payments

Procurement: In addition to providing a framework to maximise 'spend under management', it enables the Procurement department to structure and streamline many of its daily activities; freeing more time to focus on finding premier suppliers, negotiating best value agreements, and maintaining good long-term supplier relationships. It also provides more information for spend analysis; enabling strategic initiatives such as supplier consolidation

Used to its fullest advantage, PROACTIS helps organisations go beyond just automating the way things are done today to establish new, better processes that significantly improve organisational performance and bottom-line results.


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