Power Plus can help the company to make employee data such as personal data, working history, including their ability. This application can be integrated with another application, such as Microsoft Excel to calculate Incidental allowance, bonus, and Increasing level of salary so it doesn't a problem anymore for company who have their own calculation or for allowance and deduction calculation that often change.

Now, many company doesn't used manual again to make attendance data, they already used Barcode Attendance Machine, magnetic, Finger Scan or Attendance to make sure the security. This machine can be integrated with the application to produce data for management.

Main Feature of PowerPlus HRIS


  • Flexible to define kind of employee salary component  such as :
    • Table Scheme
    • Define By Employee
    • Periodic Allowance & Deduction 
    • Incidental Allowance & Deduction
    • Integrated with attendance and overtime calculation for employee salary
  • Manage employee loan
  • Provide all common benefit calculation such as :
    • THR
    • Bonus
    • Long Service 
    • Severance
    • Leave Allowance
    • Flexible define tax calculation parameter
  • Provide all income tax calculation such as PPH21 & PPH26
  • Provide all tax reporting related to government regulation
  • Integrated to ESPT reporting
  • Manage multi transfer account bank
  • Calculate salary for local & expatriate employee
  • Calculate salary for daily worker employee
  • Integrated with external system payroll journal reporting 
  • Compensation management report such as :
    • Payslip
    • Monthly Payroll
    • BPJS / Pension
    • THR / Bonus / Severance
    • Government Tax
    • Employee Loan
    • Bank Transfer

Personnel Administration

  • Design organization including job levels, job title, grade and related  to manage user access right.
  • Centre of all employee data including employment, organization, leave, assets, personal, education, family, working experience, medical & health matter, career plan, violation, and attach employee document.
  • Capturing all employee career history (transfer, promotion, demotion, status change, etcc..).
  • Print out employee PAF (personnel action form) and related information .
  • Print out employee letter (salary adjustment, promotion, contact to permanent, completed of probation to permanent, termination, contact KKWT1&2, contract KKWTT, pension, etcc…).
  • Export to excel all master employee data.
  • Including expatriate, daily worker, trainee and outsource employee.
  • HR reports such as :
    • List employee (by status, gender, age, etcc, family dependant, current age pension, etcc…)
    • Total employee (by gender, religion, marital status, education, age, etcc..
    • Headcount movement (new hire, resign, transfer in, transfer out)
    • Turn over
    • Length of service
    • Etc…

Time Attendance & Overtime

  • Flexible to create and maintain employee working shift
  • Flexible to managemonthly employee scheduling shift (export import excel, generate pattern, etcc..)
  • Maintain employee schedule shift and back office attendance data 
  • Retrieve form any attendance finger machine
  • Including daily worker, trainee and outsource employee
  • Capture employee attendance condition including 
    • Presence / Presence On Day Off
    • Late or home early
    • Absence
    • Sick with or without letter
    • Business Trip
    • Training
    • Annual leave / Long Leave / Special Leave / Unpaid leave
  • Calculate employee overtime
  • Time attendance reports such as
    • Employee Working Duration
    • Current Day Presence
    • Employee Scheduling Shift
    • Employee Time Sheet
    • Summary Attendance
    • Daily Absenteeism
    • Late & Home Early
  • Compute daily allowance and any custom attendance deduction to supply payroll calculation

Leave Management

  • Flexible create and maintain type of leave such as annual leave, long leave, special leave, unpaid leave, sick leave.
  • Accommodate any unique leave policies such entitle leave, expired leave balance, extend leaveand related to employee grade or length of service.
  • Accommodate any day compensation such as day on lieu, extra off, pending day off.
  • Leave management report such as :
    • Current Employee Leave Balance
    • Department leave balance recapitulation
    • Employee Leave Detail
    • Day Compensation Balance

Medical Reimbursement Management

  • Capture all employee medical history
  • Accommodate any employee benefitpolicies such as outpatient, inpatient, dental,  glasses, maternity, medical checkup, and relocation
  • Accommodate any unique benefit policies such as entitle medical balance, claim, expired medical balance based on employee grade or employee status
  • Accommodate any employee contribution such as married and condolence contribution.
  • Reimbursement management report such as :
    • Current Employee Medical Balance
    • Employee Medical History
    • Department Claim Recapitulation

Recruitment Management

  • Manage all applicant data
  • Flexible to create and manage man power planning
  • Covering the entire recruitment selection hire activities from requisition until hiring
  • Automatically transfer to employee personnel data and generate employee number
  • Man power requisition from department and related to man power planning fulfillment
  • Recruitment management report such as :
    • Recruitment Monthly & Yearly Recapitulation
    • Requisition Progress Recapitulation
    • Man Power Planning  Progress Recapitulation

Training Management

  • Flexible to create and define training title.
  • Maintain yearly training budget
  • Design employee training matrix and functional training including job levels, job title.
  • Covering all training activities including annual training plan, departmental training plan, realization training until evaluate the training quality.
  • Capture employee training history, employee training hour and average departmental training hour.
  • Capture employee trainer hour.
  • Related to employee development module
  • Training management report such as :
    • Annual Training Plan
    • Departmental Training Plan
    • Employee Training History
    • Monthly & Yearly Training Activities
    • Training Hour Recapitulation
    • Trainer Hour Recapitulation
    • Training Budget VS Realization
    • Employee Training Matrix Fulfillment
    • Employee Functional Matrix Fulfillment

Performance Management

  • Determined employee and departmental Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Determined employee competencies
  • Determined Balance Score Card Perspective
  • Determined employee performance appraisal process  to gain the result
  • Capture employee performance appraisal history
  • Summary Human Asset Value
  • Related result performance appraisal with other module such as salary increase, promotion.
  • Performance Management report such as :
    • Departmental KPI
    • Employee Performance Appraisal
    • Employee Balance Score Card

Travel Management

  • Maintain travel benefit  by employee grade, job title
  • Manage travel starting from business travel application and approval
  • Manage travel expense realization and approval
  • Travel Management report such as :
    • Employee Business Trip History
    • Travel Application & Realization Form
    • Travel Realization Cost

People Development

  • Provide Human Asset Value mapping
  • Inquiry talent employee
  • Flexible to define individual development plan (IDP)
  • Flexible to define individual career & succession plan (ICP)
  • People management report such as :
    • Human Asset Value
    • List Of Talent Employee
    • Individual Development Planning
    • Individual Career & Succession Planning

System Notifications Management

  • System notificationmanagement setup :
    • Contract extending due date
    • Probation period due date
    • Employee ID expired due date
    • Pension  Age due date
    • Expatriate document expired due date
    • Etc…

Employee Self Service

  • Covering all employee self service activities
  • View and change employee profile
  • View and maintain working schedule
  • View attendance and do attendance correction
  • Overtime request and approval
  • Leave request and approval
  • Man power requisition
  • Skill training record
  • Claim for  medical reimbursement
  • Claim for  travel
  • Employee self and superior appraisal