Supplier Management

Build a best value supplier base and minimise risk

Good suppliers are an important asset to your organisation because they provide the products and services that are essential to daily operations. Each supplier represents a relationship which needs to be nurtured, as well as an element of risk which needs to be managed. 

Collecting and maintaining accurate, complete, up-to-date information is critical to maintaining a clear picture of current and potential suppliers, while ongoing two-way communication is vital for good relationships.  But in many organisations, supplier adoption and communication processes are cumbersome, time-consuming and inconsistent.


PROACTIS Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) helps Procurement departments build and maintain a strong supplier base by structuring and streamlining the entire supplier life-cycle - from supplier recruitment, through qualification, on-boarding, and performance appraisal. It helps reduce supplier risk and improve supplier relationships while dramatically reducing administrative effort.

PROACTIS SRM makes supplier information readily available by consolidating it into a central supplier directory. It also reduces your procurement department's workload by providing suppliers with controlled access to maintain their own company information and catalogue, and to view current account status without the need to call.

Supplier Management


PROACTIS SRM makes it easy to build and maintain a comprehensive supplier directory and manage the supplier life-cycle by providing web-based tools to support supplier recruiting, qualification, adoption, and appraisal. It also simplifies supplier information management and communications by providing a Supplier Network for supplier self-service maintenance of company information and catalogues, as well as self-service account enquiries:

  • The PROACTIS Supplier Directory provides a central repository of all suppliers that are relevant to the organisation. As such, it speeds the sourcing of new suppliers of goods and services in the procurement process and introduces an element of control over the supplier-base
  • PROACTIS Supplier On-Boarding supports recruitment, qualification and adoption/certification of new suppliers with a collaborative process facilitated by a range of tools made available to both the buyer and supplier through the PROACTIS Supplier Network. This removes the need for extensive paper handling and makes it easy for suppliers to provide the needed information
  • PROACTIS Supplier Performance Appraisal provides buyers with the information they need to monitor supplier performance and risk, and to effectively communicate during reviews
  • The PROACTIS Supplier Network provides a channel for the supplier and buyer to interact electronically, and enables a number of supplier self-service functions. It dramatically reduces administrative effort in the Procurement department while improving supplier communication

PROACTIS SRM is a well-structured set of tools to support efficient, consistent supplier recruiting, qualification, on-boarding, and performance appraisal.


Hard Savings

  • Increased savings from greater capacity for sourcing
  • Reduced cost of disruptions caused by non-performance
  • Reduced cost of liabilities caused by non-compliance
  • Increased savings from lower prices negotiated due to good supplier relationships
  • Reduced cost of admin support in AP & Procurement

Strategic Benefits

  • Broader, better rationalised supplier base
  • Improved agility through complete & accurate supplier information
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